Sound of Music Deleted Scenes: Or Further Proof Of My Insanity


Isn’t she so frickin’ classy?



So. . . it’s been a while since I posted. Not to make excuses, but I’ve been in the Bahamas– wait, who am I kidding, I just wanted to rub in the fact that I just got back from the freakin’ Bahamas!


Anywho, in lieu of writing some incredibly beautiful meaningful post that would no doubt leave you all in tears and vowing to do good for mankind, here is a heretofore unseen deleted scene from one of my favorite films of all time, the Sound of Music.


(On behalf of the production company, I would like to make a disclaimer for this scene that it was put together very hastily, that this was performed on very little sleep, and that I believe Julie was procrastinating packing for a trip. Possibly to the Bahamas.)


Enjoy. Or be afraid. Or potentially both.





About lissag7

Elizabeth Gilliland is an aspiring writer/dreamer/pirate who loves a good story more than just about anything else... except maybe chocolate. This is her place to create and dream and share just a little nugget of what's going on in her little corner of the 'verse.

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