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A Little Ditty or Two: Or My Apology for Not Writing More Blogs




Dear Gentle Readers,

Turns out that living in London land and touring Italy and Greece and Turkey and living it up in New York takes up more of my time and energy than hanging out in Goodyear with my parents. Go figure. I’ve had a couple different ideas of things to write, and a couple of times have even started… and then there will be a show playing. Or a park that needs to be explored. Or a crepe that needs to be eaten. Or a Hugh Jackman that needs to be stalked. So while I promise that I have not abandoned the two of you who actually read this thing (thanks, Mom and Dad), I can’t promise to be putting out new content any time soon.

But in the meantime, as a special treat (or, alternately, a terrible punishment) for those of you still checking in on me every now and then, here are some collaborations with my fabulous former roommate, the lovely Kaitlyn Pieper. I knew we were going to be good friends when she asked me one night if I wanted to sing duets, and I gave her a really confused look because I was certain she was making fun of me (cut to many years of childhood trauma, begging my siblings to sing something, ANYTHING with me and being rejected time and time again). I must put a disclaimer that neither of us considers ourselves to be professionals and that the recording equipment we used consisted of a quarter-sized microphone I bought for five dollars, so take the quality as you will, but hopefully you can enjoy just a good ol’-fashioned ditty or two. Also, as a really special bizarre little treat, I’ve included the three songs I recorded for that random guy I found on Craigslist (those of you who’ve heard this story know what a random thing this was. Those who don’t… will figure it out when you listen to the music). So… enjoy! Or cover your ears and run away from the computer in terror. Either/or. And I promise that soon-ish I will get back to actually writing posts again. Maybe. Probably. Sometime.





1. The One I Love Is Gone (cover of the Secret Sisters)

2. Do You Love an Apple (cover of the Secret Sisters)

3. Heart of Gold (cover of Hank Williams)

4. See Yourself (written by David Wingate)

5. My Boy (written by David Wingate)

6. Clothes Sick Blues (written by David Wingate)